Live Events

Live events at the Sebastiani Theatre

Apr 30, 3:00pm

presents "Friend-Raising Concert"

Admission by donation

May 9, 7:30pm

Sonoma's Rock & Roll Community Choir presents a fun evening of energizing music, featuring songs of Led Zeppelin, Queen, Chicago, Doobie Brothers, Toto and more. The 40-person chorus is directed by Mark Dennis. Musical accompaniment by Mark Willson, Mario Ramirez and Mark Dennis.

$18; order tickets using the link below, at Tiddle E. Winks 707/939-6933 or Sebastiani Theatre 707/996-9756

May 22, 6:30pm

A brand-new, hysterical, one-man show stalking the presidential election cycle like white on rice. Ably assisted by his trusty overhead projector, this hilarious 80 minute production reflects Durst’s outraged and outrageous sensibilities, accessing the topical through the jugular, as current as Bernie Sanders’ lead staffer’s latest tweet.

Co-authored by the best joke writers in the business: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama, not to mention the ubiquitous Sarah Palin, and ably assisted by the 535 hard working satirists in Congress- this show is more bipartisan than an Apple Pie Day Proclamation. Every political stance is taken to task with extra- special attention paid to the irredeemably dim. Of which there is more than a little.

Elect to Laugh: 2016 hits the hypocritical where it hurts the funniest chronicling the country’s torturously amusing path through the primaries, debates, ads, mud, spin, tears, flip- flops and flop- flips. It is comedy for people who read or know someone who does. Political comedy for folks who don’t like politics.

“Will Durst might possibly be the best political comic working in the country today.”
-The New York Times.

Tickets: $20.00. Use link below or call 707-996-9756

May 29th, 7:00

“A Smorgasborg of Piano Magic” featuring Wendy DeWitt “Queen of Boogie Woogie” with Kirk Harwood, Billy Philadelphia, “An incredible pianist and entertainer", with special guest Meg Mackey, and Tommy Thomsen “ A Country Swing Hall of Fame piano pounder” featuring Ken “Snakebite” Jacobs on Sax and a little magic by Roger Rhoten. A special concert in memory of Lumpy Williams and a fundraiser for the Sebastiani Theatre.

Tickets $20.00 Doors open at 6:30. Tickets available online below, at Readers Books and at the Theatre. Call 707 996-9756