Mark you calendar for April 22 1:00pm, for a special event at the Sebastiani Theatre. Don’t miss our event showcasing local Sonoma youth.

Sonoma Kids Got Talent!!

Singing, Dancing, Piano, Violin, Dance teams and more

This event is our Senior Project. Our goal is to showcase our local young talent and raise funds to provide scholarships for Performing Arts.

Thanks to Roger and Diana and the Sebastian Theatre for providing us a perfect place for this event and for exposing us to all of the arts since we were nine years old. 

Maritsa Vargas

Genesis Guerrero

Sonoma Valley High School


Call the Sebastiani Theatre to reserve your ticket 

or just show up at the door

doors open at 12:45

children/students/seniors: $5 Adults:$8

As seniors at Sonoma Valley High, Genesis and I chose to do our project revolving around the Performing Arts because our previous involvement in productions like Performing Arts Camp and Witchie Poo. We wanted to showcase a show, where kids around Sonoma had an opportunity to show off their talent. Also, stress the importance of the arts in a child’s life and having programs for low-income kids. Proceeds from the ticket sales will be matched and go to a scholarship to PAC.