The Sebastiani Theatre Foundation is dedicated to offering first-class performing arts, films and creative educational programs that inspire and entertain the entire community while preserving and enhancing Sonoma’s treasured, historic Theatre for the enjoyment of current and future generations.





Sonoma is home to a diverse community of agricultural workers, urban transplants, retirees, and long-time residents. Our aim is to ensure that all these constituencies have an opportunity to work and play together to form a more cohesive community. We will work to ensure that economic inequality is not a barrier to participation by providing scholarships and building close relationships with underserved groups.

Maintain Hometown Identity

While hard to describe, it is easy to recognize Sonoma’s unique qualities. The town’s beauty, intimacy, and interconnectedness is beloved by its residents and recognized by its visitors. The very existence of the Sebastiani Theatre is part of this identity. We aim to preserve our special place in the social ecology of the community by recognizing and respecting the Theatre’s unique role in the community.


The Theatre maintains close and reciprocal relationships with businesses and other organizations throughout Sonoma. This interconnected web is part of what keeps the community alive and vibrant. Our vision is to both strengthen and expand these relationships as we move forward.

Support For Independent Artists, Groups, and Films

We are dedicated to providing a venue and a supportive environment for performing artists in all media to present their work, including paying a living wage to all cultural workers.



The Sebastiani Theatre is dedicated to becoming a vibrant, year-round, fully-used performing arts center for the entire Sonoma community.

We see the Sebastiani Theatre as a destination for visitors from the region, the state, and the nation, thus contributing to the economic vitality of the community, and improving the organization’s sustainability.